Award-winning ‘intelligent’ technology

The Power Behind AiX

AiX for Financial Markets

Rainbird is an award-winning ‘cognitive reasoning’ platform: one of a new breed of AI technologies able to make human-like decisions, at scale, and which can consult with humans whenever more data is required to make a judgement.

It all starts with the Rainbird Authoring Platform, which enables experts to visually model their knowledge and decision-making logic to form a Knowledge Map. Unlike decision trees, knowledge maps are multi-dimensional and, like real maps, have many start and end points.

A single knowledge map can be queried to answer hundreds of different questions. In effect, the Rainbird Authoring Platform enables you to take scarce human expertise within a subject field, and turn it into a chatbot or API to be used by other people or systems.

You can model knowledge that is uncertain, and connect this map to any number of data sources enabling it to make judgements in the face of real-time data flows.When this Rainbird Knowledge Map is subsequently queried, it uses the data it has access to in order to provide an optimal solution.

Better still, when exposed as a chatbot, Rainbird has the option to become conversational, and if it needs more data, it will simply ask the user for it. All outcomes come with a clear measure of certainty and a detailed rationale, providing an audit trail describing how that decision was reached.

This makes the platform uniquely well suited to modelling products in heavily regulated sectors such as banking, insurance law and trading. As examples, Rainbird currently powers a chatbot interface that is being used by customers of an international law firm, enabling them to gain immediate advice on changes in applicable legislation.

An international bank is using it to support staff in resolving complex customer issues. A credit card company is using Rainbird to provide simulated human oversight of potential fraud flags. And last but not least, an international accounting firm is using Rainbird to automate complex tax decisions.