Trading. Transformed

Trading. Transformed

After decades of innovation and development, Artificial Intelligence is the radical new reality. AiX is a unique AI software product set to revolutionize the way traders in cryptocurrencies and other financial markets interact.

Underpinned by Rainbird’s award winning, next-generation ‘cognitive reasoning’technologies, AiX takes the power and integrity of blockchain technology and uses it to give individuals unprecedented levels of insight and control. Whatever the chosen market or platform, AiX makes trading easier, auditable and more affordable.

In the long-run this will open up all financial markets to anyone with an interest in them, wherever they might be, streamlining exchanges, aggregating liquidity, and increasing security for all parties regardless of their expertise.

Cryptocurrency is big, and it’s only set to get bigger. The growing fragmentation of crypto markets is a problematic thing – a stumbling block to those operating in this emerging and exciting arena. On top of that, governments and regulators are trying to take away people’s freedom of choice by banning exchanges or ICOs. AiX will address this, by democratizing and simplifying trading in any financial market. AiX allows you to trade safely and effortlessly across all wallets, assets, platforms and currencies via an AI execution chatbot – with optional Alexa-style voice recognition system – that aggregates pricing data from all sources; P2P, exchange, dark pools and the rest. It will provide pricing and execution via voice or any Instant Messenger platform. People who understand cryptocurrencies and market trading know that the key to decentralized trading isn’t actually a new crypto asset but an effective crypto broker.

AiX recognizes this and is developing a product that harnesses the power of AI to offer users a virtual broker: one that’s not just 100% trustworthy, but also completely independent and totally auditable. One of the key benefits is the elimination of errors, abuse and criminality that plagues financial markets that rely on human brokers. AiX is going to be using AI to ensure that human brokers do not have the opportunity to stand in the way of the growth of cryptocurrency, or the transformation it can bring to global markets. By simplifying and opening markets to the widest possible range of people, AiX puts fairness into finance.